Features Benefits

Bookkeeping Perform weekly or monthly bookkeeping for better financial control and maintain accurate records

accurate and confidential

GST Computation Computing GST (Goods and Services Tax) accurately and submitting GST reporting


Management Accounts Preparing management accounts for better financial management including profit and loss,

better management financial position and performance

Audit Schedules Preparing audit schedules for completeness of financial statement, early fraud detection

early detection

Debtors & Creditor Preparing debtors and creditor aging reports for higher liquidity and monitoring credit risk

Aging Reports

higher liquidity

Bank Reconciliations Perform bank reconciliations, controlling expenditure, completeness of revenue generation,

safeguard your money proper authorization and existence of expenditure.

Miscellaneous TBD

upon request

Annual Return Filing Timely submission and compliance with Statutory requirement for annual return

comply with the law


Features Benefits

Payroll Database Monthly payroll database report

accessible at anytime

Payroll Statistics Reporting employee payroll and leave record, performance measurement

higher job performance

Salary Calculation Accurate salary calculation

accurate number

Salary Payment Making salary payment through GIRO/Cheque

easy and timely

Leave Administration Annual leave, sick leave, maternity or paternity leave, hospitalization leave administration.

updated record

IR8A Filing Doing Statutory filling to the Singapore Government on your behalf


CPF Contribution CPF calculation, submission, and payment

accurate and timely

HR Policy Formulation Hiring, New Employee and Exiting Employee Administration, Drafting of Employment Letters,

established Employee Insurance, Salary Benchmarking, General HR Consultancy Services.


Features Benefits

Personal Tax Computing personal tax


Corporate Tax Computing corporate tax


ECI Preparing ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) for the year


GST Preparing GST


Withholding Tax Preparing withholding tax


IRA Filing Filing IRA


Tax Planning Planning tax

tax saving


Compilation of annual report in accordance with Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).

The annual report includes:

Directors' Report

Statement of Directors

Profit and Loss Statement

Balance Sheet

Statement of Changes in Equity

Cash Flow Statement

Notes to Financial Statements

Submission of Annual Return

XBRL accounts to ACRA